University of Tennessee to Host Olympic Diving Trials

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – The University of Tennessee is gearing up to host the Olympic Diving Trials later this month, bringing a major sporting event to the city. Visit Knoxville President Kim Bumpas expressed excitement about the opportunity to showcase the city on a national stage.

From June 17-23, athletes from around the country will compete at UT, with their sights set on qualifying for the Olympics. UT diving coach Dave Parrington, who has personal experience with the Olympic Games, is thrilled to see his dream of hosting the trials come to fruition.

Parrington, who previously competed in the Olympics and now coaches at UT, has worked closely with Visit Knoxville to bring the event to the city. He emphasized the high level of competition that will be on display during the trials, with every diver being a world-class athlete.

The event is expected to draw millions of viewers to Knoxville, potentially paving the way for more major sporting events in the future. Bumpas highlighted the positive impact that hosting events like the Olympic Diving Trials can have on the city’s sports tourism industry.

As preparations continue for the trials, both Parrington and Bumpas expressed gratitude for the support of the East Tennessee community. They emphasized the community’s enthusiasm for sports and their willingness to rally behind events like this.

In a show of Olympic spirit, Market Square will display the iconic Olympic rings on June 19, giving residents and visitors a chance to feel the excitement of the upcoming trials.

Overall, the University of Tennessee is poised to take center stage in the world of diving, showcasing top-tier athletes and bringing a spotlight to Knoxville as a hub for sporting events.

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