America President Donald Trump replaces another Minister: Minister of the interior, Ryan Zinke will leave the government at the end of the year, said Trump on Saturday on Twitter. Prong was advised, among other things, because of its expensive to travel into disrepute. The judicial authorities are investigating, according to American media possible abuse of zinc reports also. Trump announced plans to appoint next week a successor.

The American Minister of the interior is mainly for the administration of the Federal land is responsible. The Ministry decides about whether conservation areas are to be identified, or whether energy extraction such as Fracking is allowed. Internal security is the task of the homeland security Ministry.

Zinke was confirmed in March 2017 by the Senate in the office and is therefore one of the Ministers that have held up long under Trump. Since Trump moved in at the beginning of 2017 to the White house, there have been dozens of personnel changes – among the most sensational of the, allegedly, via Twitter, was the dismissal of foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson in March. Just last month, Trump urged his Minister of justice, Jeff Sessions, to resign.

the Last Trump had announced to appoint the former budget Director of President’s office, Mick Mulvaney, the new interim White house chief of staff.
Mulvaney will take office in January, said Trump on Twitter. The 51-Year-old
conservative former Congressman replaces the former General John Kelly on the most important Items in the environment of the President. Mulvaney is already the third
chief of staff in the first two years in office Trumps.