Unions are by – Pardini is now Post-VerwaltungsratSP-Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga by your party colleague the Board of Directors of the Post. However, he is not considered to be representative of the Italian-speaking minority, as they wanted to. Dominik Feusi0 comment Corrado Pardini, a party comrade of the President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga is elected next Monday in the Board of Directors of the Post. Photo: Anthony Anex (Keystone)

The Federal Council has the proposal of the Board of Directors of the Post, the unselected SP-national councillor Corrado Pardini in the Board of Directors of the Post choose to be confirmed. This Federal President Simonetta Sommaruga said yesterday in front of the media, without mentioning the name.

The personnel was also in the Bundesrat controversial because Sommaruga had recommended him not only as a representative of the post staff, but also as a representative of the Italian speaking minority. Pardini speaks Italian, but he is neither from the Ticino, nor has he ever lived there or worked.

Ticino parliamentarians and the Ticino government viewed this as an Affront, and intervened on Thursday to the Federal Council. According to several sources, Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis wrote a Report of his colleagues for the attention.

Ticino is, who speaks Italian …

Sommaruga defended it, apparently, with the statement that language skills are the only essential. The origin should play no role. Pardini will otherwise be discriminated against. In your opinion, belong to the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, who think the majority in Italian and this language is the best dominant. This is the official requirement profile of the Department, however, is hardly the state of mind in the Italian speaking minority.

The debate in the Bundesrat, changed the personnel, but the President simply refused to Pardini as a representative of the Ticino and the Italian-speaking represent the Grisons valleys. According to several sources, it was recorded even in the log. Whether this will calm the tempers, however, is questionable.

“Mrs Sommaruga sensitivity to the diversity and the cohesion of the country is missing.”

Marco Romano, national councillor CVP/TI

“The decision is not acceptable,” says the Ticino CVP national councillor Marco Romano. He will show that Mrs Sommaruga and the entire Federal Council lacked the sensitivity for the diversity and the cohesion of the country. “You don’t know what you do with such a decision.”

Ticino was once

As the last of Ticino in the Board of Directors of the Post, Adriano Vasalli, 2018 put off occurred due to the post-car scandal, was passed over in the Italian speaking Switzerland. The Federal Council close circles say, you’ve already stated that at the next opportunity, someone from the Canton of Ticino, or Italian-Graubünden will be taken into account. That’s why you have to Pardini as a member of the Italian present-speaking minority.

That the Federal waivers are now at the last Moment from a bad Conscience, is to underline only the in Bern prevailing ignorance, finds Romano. “The Federal Council would have had the Chance, the candidacy Pardini rejected and the trade Union as a real representative of the Italian-speaking to the minority set-up.” But it had been fixed from the beginning that it had to be Mr Pardini and no one else.

similarly, it was also the Federal President Sommaruga in front of the media. It was a seat of the trade unions, and the Federal Council have had no other choice but to accept the proposal. If it was, in fact, exclusively a matter for the trade unions, the question arises as to why the Post-Syndicom trade Union renounced the seat on the Board of Directors of the principal employer of its members in favour of the Unia-trade unionist and whether or not you waive the mandate compensation for it. And what is the role of Pardinis brother played, sits in the Executive Committee of Syndicom. Syndicom speaker Christian Capacoel not want to answer these questions.

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