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The death of a 21-year-old on Playa de Palma in Mallorca raises questions. Is it a fall or a violent crime?

The police in Mallorca are investigating a death. As the “ Mallorca Zeitung ” reports, a 21-year-old German was found dead in a side street on Playa de Palma. The circumstances of his death are currently unclear.

Although, according to the National Police, rescue measures were initiated immediately, only his death could be determined. Police are still speculating about the exact cause of death, which could range from an unfortunate fall from a balcony to a physical attack. “ Crónica Balear ,” a local online newspaper, noted that the victim’s injuries were more consistent with those of an attack.

The investigators are busy collecting evidence and the body will be sent to the Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy, according to the “Mallorca Zeitung”. “Crónica Balear” expects the incident to be resolved soon due to the numerous surveillance cameras on site.

If the suspicion of a balcony fall is confirmed, this would be the second incident of this kind in a short time on Playa de Palma. It was only at the beginning of May that a 23-year-old German died after falling from a hotel terrace. In this case, evidence suggests that he was previously attacked. It is speculated that the victim was ashamed of walking through the lobby and so, out of embarrassment, he tried to get into his room through the balcony.

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