For parents, taxis are there in Hanau, Germany, a taxi rank, so a stopping place for mothers and fathers who bring their child by car to primary school and after school pick up. The city wants to test whether such a holding Bay for the Bring and pick up of elementary students is useful. The first stand for the parents taxi has been established in the district of großauheim. Is intended for mothers and fathers of students from the August-Gaul-school to the father houses in the street. Officially of course “Pick – up and delivery zone is called” and so it is marked on the traffic sign.

Jan Schiefenhövel

a Freelance writer based in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

However, the taxi rank is directly in front of the school, but around the corner on the main road, so a number of steps from the school house. This is deliberate, because the city and the school Board parents will be evaluated in taxis is critical. Rather you would like to see it, the kids would come to school on foot, and self-employed.

Superfluous and dangerous

Because the school and the town of Hanau, the daily ancestors of the cars are not in favour of, and are prevented from passing mothers and fathers from now on to stop directly in front of the school. An absolute prohibition of stopping and a bollard intended to prevent the use of the walkway. The order of head of the Department Thomas Morlock (FDP) has also announced that the city police checked the stopping in front of the school on a regular basis.