Small car cameras can play in the investigation of accidents to date in the state of Hesse, a minor role. The recordings will be used only in individual cases, such as a survey of the German press Agency in a number of Hessian police has revealed. Then the so-called Dashcams would be, but proved helpful, for example from the police headquarters Central Hesse, where one starts from an increase of cases.

The police headquarters in Frankfurt can also be reported only in a few cases, in which the officials after a Crash or an assault Dashcam Videos for your investigation. The police headquarters in Kassel leads to no statistics to colleagues in Darmstadt, Germany, to speak of individual cases. A spokeswoman reported about a fatal head-on collision that was resolved thanks to this recording: These have shown that a Truck driver is not guilty of the collision, but the car driver to be controlled in suicidal intention in oncoming traffic.

car mini cameras becoming more and more popular

The automobile club ADAC, car mini cameras are becoming more and more popular. The Dashcams will be installed on the windshield or on the dashboard and film the ride. Also, according to the police headquarters in Fulda, the number of traffic participants with Dashcams is growing. The Videos should contribute to an accident investigation, would you evaluate it, a spokesman said. The Problem is, but If the shots are in a process to be admissible as evidence, would the courts will decide in each individual case.

The Mini-car cameras are controversial, and the movies are only allowed limited – access to Videos may violate privacy provisions or the right of personality. The Federal court had ruled in may that the recordings can be used as evidence in court. The permanent filming of the traffic remains for privacy reasons, to be prohibited, but the enlightenment of an accident could be more important. The use of the recordings must be weighed case by case.