Monstrous hailstone falls in Texas!

A hailstone of absolutely monstrous size fell in Texas on June 2nd, measuring 18 cm in diameter. Giant hail is common in Texas, the American state known for its extreme weather, but this hailstone still breaks the record for the largest hailstone ever recorded there. It even comes close to the national record in the United States, which is held by a 20 cm hailstone found in South Dakota in July 2010.

It was a storm chaser who discovered the giant Texas hailstone while taking photos of the cloud responsible for the phenomenon. He then sent his photos to the national weather service, which had the images authenticated by a scientific agency. The size of hailstones always depends on the strength of the currents circulating within the storm cloud: the stronger they are, the more ice accumulates, forming larger and larger hailstones.