Biosteel is a synthetic Material that is produced from artificially produced spider silk proteins. It is ultra-light and tear-resistant – and the Munich-based company Amsilk, the Biosteel-has the rights, can save according to its own information requests from the aviation, the automobile or fashion industry. Soon, the first Biosteel product comes on the market: a watch bracelet. Amsilk cooperates with the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Omega.

Henning Peitsmeier

economic correspondent in Munich.

F. A. Z.

For the residents of Munich the agreement is the crucial step to make your new Material on the market Mature for years it was worked, finally. “It is also a sign of the Fashion industry that we can deliver Biosteel in large quantities,” said Amsilk CEO Jens Klein of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Amsilk has not driven to his words, only our own fiber production, but some external spider silk taken from farms under contract.

Biosteel sneakers

Actually, it was expected that the first Biosteel product would be a turn Shoe from Adidas. Finally, the sports group had already presented the end of 2016, the prototype of the “future craft Biofabric”, but the other materials tested. Amsilk Partner, Omega is now to extend the so-called Nato strap collection with Biosteel products. The Omega bracelets are made of one piece and are virtually fixed, so that the watch remains on the Arm, if the tape should tear at one end.

The Biosteel bracelets are the own particulars, on top of that biodegradable. The financial data of the cooperative, nothing was announced. Amsilk has been testing his new material currently in the aviation industry: Biosteel is to be installed in the outer shell of Airbus aircraft, because it absorbs heavy loads, for example due to shocks, better than comparable Carbon-components. The cooperation with Airbus will run until the end of this year. Chairman Small announced the first results for the second half of the year.