President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine expressed his gratitude to the United States during a speech in Washington, where he called for more weapons and fewer restrictions on their use in Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. He acknowledged the significance of American missiles and the permission to fire them across the border into Russia in defending the city of Kharkiv and halting a Russian offensive in the spring.

However, Zelensky emphasized the need for additional support to target Russian military bases deeper inside Russia to eliminate threats to Ukrainian civilians. He stressed that with increased American assistance, Ukraine could continue to strike at Russian forces in Crimea and work towards expelling the occupiers from the southern region of the country.

During the NATO summit in Washington, Zelensky’s tone was one of appreciation and cooperation, in contrast to his previous criticisms of the alliance for not providing a clear path for Ukraine’s membership. He commended the United States for its early backing in the conflict and rebuffed any suggestions of delaying action in the face of aggression.

Zelensky’s visit highlighted the ongoing struggle in Ukraine and the importance of international support in countering Russian aggression. The call for less restrictive weapon supplies underscores the urgent need to address the escalating conflict and protect Ukrainian sovereignty.

As tensions persist in the region, Zelensky’s plea for greater assistance serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by Ukraine and the critical role of allies in ensuring stability and security. The outcome of his discussions in Washington could have significant implications for the future of the conflict and the broader geopolitical landscape in Eastern Europe.