The Chaos of the Brexit makes for more uncertainty on the international financial markets. An unregulated Brexit more likely, especially as this path will now be discussed officially in the British Parliament. The uncertainty has far-reaching consequences. The “Financial Times” reported on Tuesday that some private bankers had recommended at Credit Suisse to their customers in view of the unclear Situation, think about it, with your money from the UK to withdraw.

according to The report, the coaches have contacted their major clients, to inform you that an escape reaction have been used. Super-rich clients, they recommended that before the Brexit vote in Parliament in mid-January through similar steps to think about.

in the past, some of the rich inhabitants of London have begun to transfer money abroad, in particular in Offshore financial centres. However, not only because of the upcoming Brexits, but also because of a possible takeover of the left-Labour power party. Particularly popular destinations, the channel Islands and Switzerland, like those of the “Financial Times” had previously reported in October. Many of the super-rich are even willing to return to the UK the whole of the back, in order not to “sacrifice” one of the head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn pay attention to the game brought to wealth tax.