The announcement by Uber, to Frankfurt to return, likely for considerable excitement: for joyful those that have been driven through the intermediary of the company’s already cheap by Manhattan, Buenos Aires, Basel, Johannesburg or London. And for the annoyance and Worry to all those of you that remember the first appearance of the travel agent in this country.

back Then, the American Start-up with an offensive ignorance of German laws and customs tried to enforce the registration of his business model. This tactics of “principled confrontation”, has adopted the company under new leadership. Germany boss Christoph Weigler regularly stresses that the Occurrence was a mistake and now the conversation with the competitors, as well as with the policy.

The concern is that Uber is pursuing, is also true: Just because the written rules and prices for the transportation sector from the policy ages ago, don’t have to stay this way forever. Why may there not be also more flexible and cheaper tariff offers? You can, especially in times of Internet reviews and Apps, the quality control is not a piece of far-left to the market? A local examination for a driver is really needed? Finally, many taxi drivers can use the navigation device, in order to avoid the current traffic jams and construction sites. And that the number of Taxis in Frankfurt is a state-capped, is expected to use the revenues of existing companies, significantly more than the interests of the customer.

the taxi driver

a loosening of monopolies does not harm, has recently proved the long-distance bus market. The prices were in the basement, the offer grew, and long-distance travel became accessible for population groups for which it was not worth it before. New ride-sharing services could lead in addition, those people to leave their car at home, Bus and rail as an inconvenient and slow Alternative.