(Los Angeles) U2 are used to performing in large arenas and sports stadiums, but the famous group will soon take the stage to create a new, immersive concert experience in a globe-shaped, high-tech venue in Las Vegas.

Live Nation and Sphere Entertainment announced on Monday the dates for U2’s upcoming concerts beginning September 29.

The rock band’s five-night special will run through October 8 at The Venetian’s Sphere with a state-of-the-art audio and visual system designed for every viewer.

In an interview, U2 guitarist The Edge said the screen was 20 times bigger than the band’s Joshua Tree tour in 2019 — the last time the band performed live as part of the show. ‘a concert.

The huge spherical hall will have 17,500 seats with a scalable capacity of nearly 20,000 guests. In addition to the high-resolution LED screens around the audience, the hall is also equipped with thousands of speakers that will provide a “crystal-clear” multi-layered audio system for every seat inside.

As a musician, The Edge said the room concept is an “incredible idea” to help artists like U2 capture the full essence of their sound. He said their shows will provide an opportunity to “literally transport people to another space and time” and open up a variety of “creative possibilities”.

During the band’s rehearsals, The Edge has already noticed a significant difference between this place and an arena or stadium — which normally “imposes itself on your sound”. He said their musical preparations haven’t changed much, but they are starting to try to figure out how to use immersive sound as a creative tool.

The Edge says U2 are thrilled to be back on stage for the first time in four years, especially after the pandemic. The band’s next show will mark the first time it will perform without drummer Larry Mullen Jr., who is recovering from back surgery. In Mullen’s absence, Bram van den Berg will replace the drummer.