The youth Club Brugge and will continue to do well in the Youth League. On the field, PSG, pulled out of the city of Bruges, U19, even heavily, from: 0 to 4. Blue-and-black place, a good nine out of the twelve it down, making it a solid option to take an extended stay in a Youth League. Due to the winning of the Club on the pitch at Real Madrid, the Team is even at the head of their group.

the Penalty, reminding us of the ‘ young France. The U19 blue-black and looked to the peers of the same age from the FOLLOWING, where the highly talented Xavi Simons, a whole match on the pitch was, with a heavy-duty (0 to 4 scores. Noah Aelterman (18) can be put on the Club an early lead and then scored just after the rest, also his second. The attacking midfielder is already in its third and fourth match of the group stage.

It is The organization behind this (18), the match up with a clever free-kick, and in the ultimate universe took a 16-year-old talent Wilkims Ochieng is the icing on the cake, with the 0-4. Ochieng, who is Aelterman, even though the 0 to 2-to-the-head painted by had, is already in three matches.

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At the head of the group:

Because of the Club’s nine to twelve, take it, take it as a strong option to take an extended stay in a Youth League. As for Real Madrid at home, surprisingly, we met at The the Team, even at the head of the group. They count as a Royal, three points from nine matches.

at The top of their group will secure the eight-finals, for the school years known as seconde from each group will play off against the winners of the kampioenenspoor for a place in the last sixteen. Only with a zero in front of the Club and will be a six-on-six to the Gala can be a blue-black for the top and two traps.

the Remainder of the programme:

on Tuesday 26 november, at 12 o’clock: Galatasaray-Club Brugge.

on Tuesday 26 november, at 16 o’clock: Real Madrid and PSG.

on the 11th of december, at 15 pm: PSG-Galatasaray.

on the 11th of december, at 16 o’clock: Club Brugge-Real Madrid
find out More about the Club Brugge and the French press saw this as a very good Club, in Bruges, and it is determined to Mbappé POINTS. Diagne will be the lowest score we ever gave To Club Brugge, they can’t laugh at penaltyfrats of Mbaye Diagne “A wrong response, and it is a very, very, very expensive, bill ‘ Chief of soccer In Vandewalle found that, Diagne, that penalty miss was at a stand must be