U.S. retaliation will not close after the attack in Iraq ausAm Saturday hammered for the second Time rockets at an international military base in Iraq. A response to the attack leave the United States.U.S. soldier in Iraq: American forces were exposed in the past few days, two missile attacks. (Archive image) epa/Kyle Talbot/US Marine Corps

The U.S. Department of defense has left after the renewed rocket attack on a military the possibility of a Retaliation base in Iraq openly. Ministry spokesman Jonathan Hoffman refused on Saturday speculation about a response to the attack.

He, however, pointed to previous Statements by Minister of defense Mark Esper: “You can’t attack American soldiers and wounding and with impunity get away with it.”

On Saturday, several rockets at the site of the international Military base had been smashed for the second Time in the Central Iraqi Taji. Three American and several Iraqi injured soldiers. In the case of a rocket attack in Taji on Wednesday, two U.S. soldiers and a British comrade were killed. The Camp Taji 20 miles North of Baghdad, is used by soldiers from several countries.

The U.S. flew then, in retaliation, which on Thursday, six Iraqis were killed. The United States of Iranian-backed Iraqi militia threw Hizbullah before the Kataib, the attack on Wednesday perpetrated, and stated that their air attacks would have applied to the group.


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