Erl, at the end of December: In the stairwell of the boarding house “Blue chamois” the Tradition lives on, the mountain hunters and clubs continue to protect in the Form of hand-coloured engravings handsome man pictures with your shooting gun. On the stage of the Festspielhaus in Erl in Tyrol’s Inn valley, this is extended politics of history until the Nazi time. Dirty soldier’s coats, a head bandage, but at some point, a swirl Dirndl.

For the world premiere of the Opera “still hang” of the young composer Christian top staetter it would not fit in their place can give as to the quarrels to artistic Director Gustav Kuhn, on an interim basis by Andreas Leisner led the Tyrolean festival Erl, in the mood for the winter season, an equally brave and varied program. The Libretto to “Silent hill”, comes from the actor and Director Klaus Ortner, wanted to bring it to more common and usually more unusual projects – with Isabel Karajan is a piece about the episodes from the life of Liesl Karlstadt on the stage. The wanted are known to be more than “just” the strange partner of Karl Valentin. After his separation from her, she plunged into a deep crisis, a suicide attempt and came out for longer periods of time in psychiatric treatment. She served from 1941, two years in a mountain infantry unit on the Ehrwalder Alm, close to the Zugspitze mountain “”, is, however, only little is known, however, addressed in the Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäum Munich, the guest with an informative exhibition on the Erl.

As “the most beautiful time of your life”

A comedian in the war, a self-murderer under a bunch of Kill-drilled soldiers, a “Crazy” in the midst of a murderous military – this is the stuff of which this is by no means quiet “still hang”. The Opera starts with a silent Moment, the Christian top staetter conjures as a composer and conductor in a personal Union in the air. Even then, the instrumentalists of the initiated by him orchestra, rather hesitantly, a, paint, illustrate, force the action on the suddenly uplifting stage of the Outfitter Peter Lorenz, to mountain landscapes associate. The sky above is full of crosses, wooden farm implements, both for local references, as well as the constant proximity to death. At the end of the nearly two and a half hour in the Evening, it is deposited directly on the stage, a huge military cemetery. What follows, then, are, in turn, silence, scenes from a loose Liesl Karlstadt language delivered with desperate mouth movements. The failed self-killer was right looked high up in the mountains in the human abysses, and there is not only the sadistic SS captain and inhuman Major, seen, sends the troop to certain death.

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The true Liesl Karlstadt referred to your time with the mountain hunters, in fact, as “the most beautiful time of your life”, here she was, apparently, a Form of humanity, by was taken by the soldiers and the superiors met. As “seaman Gustl” was taken as a quick-change artist your man. The training for mulitreiber assistant was able to heal you, obviously from your Life ad nauseam.

theatre of the Absurd, bittersweet, and dramatically

Ortner bizarre scenes, which are functionalised by top staetter impressive music. Since it is sometimes jazzy, times cited Wagner, mood, such as action, commented in a comprehensible manner. Full of prudence, the 1994-born composer leads the percussion-heavy Ensemble of a dozen musicians through the evening and offers the eight performers, from Bass to Countertenor, as well as the only actress in the title part rugged landscapes of sound with delicate highs and Lows.

Isabel Karajan, the Liesl-Gustl own Format. Input zetert: “I’m not sick, I’m dead”, imagines himself surrounded by angels and wants to approach a doctor. More and more you will recognize the fighters around, which are actually boys, and wants to stay in the maternal close as possible undetected. Isabel Karajan acts full of fervor, even speak dialect, sometimes downright Dadaist, combined crude neologisms like “man-eating-SS-men” with a funeral feast with “mountain hunters schnitzel”: “Bav-Aryan-cannibals eat now before your eyes Sauerkraut and Potatoes!” On top of that, she even sings, and reports to, finally, the successful completion of a mulitreiber examination.