The – you know, You are young and ambitious. There are several opportunities for your company to grow. You’ll want to find yourself in-service training, but the time and the resources are lacking to do this. Fortunately, you’ve got an employer who is willing to invest in a long-term training programme is tailor-made. That is what the 20 ‘young professionals’ of the PTI Group and of The be part of. It will be 2 years by the Confederation of Construction Limburg and are prepared for a topjob in the building and construction industry.

“Are “old-hands” as a new employee should be given the opportunity to be an individual and to work together to develop, through training and coaching programmes”, says Maarten Broens, CEO of PTI Group.

“in order To have their future role within the company will be able to achieve, it is important, both for us and for them it is important to gain an understanding of their capabilities. Therefore, to date, we in the Confederation of Construction Limburg and to a process tailor-made to work. Through continuous and thoughtful investment in the development of our people, growing our company to the next stage, and there is no natural limit to the growth potential of our business.”

It is a new way to see the situation in the bottleneck occupations to go to. “Maastricht, the construction industry is in full transition, and is becoming more and more construction companies are putting in on the training and experience to that process, and to guide it,” says Chris, Slaets, executive director of the Confederation of Construction Limburg.

“The industry has a lot of shortage occupations and to few workers, and engineers. The technical abilities are a dying breed, and the construction industry of tomorrow will require different knowledge and skills, and as such a new job. Therefore, we must be ‘out of the box, to dare to look at. Individual coaching for young professionals, is a good example of that.”