The polar bear baby in the zoo is a real Berliner: no, something’s not whining loudly. The two-week-old Hatchling was awake and not immediately find a teat of its mother Tonya to Drink, protest it with a grumbling shout, said polar bears-curator Florian Sicks on Tuesday. So far, the young drink regularly, every three hours, sleeping, or kuschele between Tonjas powerful and warm paws.

The Mini-polar bear came on 1. December to the world. For the love of polar bears-mother Tonya, it is the third litter. All of the previous young animals died of infections. The Boy who survived the mother and the young are not to be seen in the spring for visitors. Until then, you remain in the wild in your cave. The nurses also do not want to enter the Wurfbox. The information supply video cameras and microphones.