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if you have a video near the car Yvo, in the village of Sleihage be Thursday afternoon and two men, was lost. One of them was half a kilometre from the spot is detected. According to the prosecution, there is no third party involved in the case.

Bert Frey.

the Inhabitants of the village of Sleihage were Thursday afternoon, in about 14 hours, was shocked when there was all kinds of combinations, the first, and a MUG toesnelden and gets stopped near the Car and Yvo, with the car, along with the Diksmuidsesteenweg, close to the roundabout. “It was clear that something bad had happened. I first thought it was a murder”, tells the story of a buurtbewoonster, who has just arrived home.

As before, it was a fight near the car and a nearby house, completely out of hand. What exactly happened is still unclear. In the house of the owner of the garage became a man, for some strange reason involved in stabbing a different man. That was when the first man and his partner. The public prosecutor’s office of brussels confirms that it is, along with the Diksmuidsesteenweg, a video appeared in which two persons are badly injured got. “Presumably as a result of a knife”, is it on the floor.

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, After the uproar that has continued to be one of the two men on the run. In the Ieperstraat in Middelkerke, which is a mile from the place where the events took place, it was that he was found. The man fell to the ground is cared for, and transported to the hospital. The fire department was called to a tent, so that the tracks are in the Ieperstraat is not lost. “No one has seen what is in play”, allows the public prosecutor to know.

The public prosecutor’s office and the police department, began Thursday afternoon in a research study to see exactly what a moment before had been done. Not just in the Car, Yvo, they went in search of the traces, but also the in the garden of the house near the car had with the people at work. Kurt, H., who, together with Yves v). in the house, looked on from the lot far. He does not want to explain what, exactly, is happening.

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