less than two out of three handcarwashes does not adhere to the rules and regulations. When controls were last year, especially in offences established around undeclared work, bogus self-employment and illegal work.

Two years after the secretary of state, Philippe De Backer (Open Vld), a plan is worked out for social security fraud, and economic exploitation in the handcarwashes tougher to deal with them, it appears the problem is still not solved. The social inspection proposed last year, less than the 425 of 632 monitored handcarwashes violations. “It’s going to be mainly undeclared work, bogus self-employment, and so on, that has to be done,” says De Backer.

In 2016, it turned out to be “only” about one-quarter of the handcarwashes not have to be in order. “There is clearly a problem,” says the minister. “The illegal handcarwashes tinker with the rules to their day in court, at the expense of the entrepreneurs, however, are in order.”


The area of handcarwashes, it is almost completely in foreign hands, and is a hub for illegal employment and trafficking in human beings. “We are working with a system of domestic and foreign companies in order to meet the social, economic, and environmental lines of escape,” says De Backer.

How much handcarwashes of our country is precisely the one that counts, no one knows. “But are there going to be any help,” says town manager in a traditional company, that will be the case for sale here. “I’m supposed to be. As an honest trader, I do not have a competition car, for only 15 euros of five people and hand-washing.”

for example, many owners of handcarwashes a system, partners, and employees, in theory, a shareholder, and there is no minimum wage, must be paid in advance. “In addition to this, they are very creative in using the environmental laws to be. From the ten cars or more claims of the government for a more stringent permit. Of course, it receives the majority of the handcarwashes, so to speak, for less than ten customers per day, which equates to a turnover of up to € 150 per day. This deck is you don’t even have the rent, and the cost of energy.”