the roman Catholic religious education classes, muslim, or just plain ethics? Which last, with about 13 per cent of the pupils are relatively stable is found to islam at the school, is on the rise. The proportion of pupils that Mohammed wanted to learn, in ten years ‘ time will be doubled. This is clear from the new figures. Experts point to the growing number of muslims. An important aspect of this is the field of refugees.”

with The popularity of the lessons of the islamic religion in school is significantly increased. The number of pupils in classes has been for the last ten years has almost doubled. In the 2009-2010 school year was at 3.6 percent of the students at the high school last year, it had been a 6.3 per cent. Especially in education, is that the increase is very clear. Ten years ago, it took 13,75 per cent of the pupils are muslim, last year was all about 26,14 percent of the time.

Also, in primary education, the trend is actually have to see it. That’s according to figures from the Statistical Yearbook of the Flemish education system. This increase comes mainly at the expense of the roman catholic church. In both the primary and secondary education continues to be the largest group of students, but the number is declining, however, every single year.

family reunion.

finally, A clear explanation for this shift is that there is not. “In general, there are no major changes in the choices to be made. The ‘old’ Flemish people usually opt for moral teaching, or catholic, church. For people with a migration background, the grandchildren of the first immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa to choose from, then again, usually have for islam,” says Ahmed Azzouz, an inspector-adviser of the islamleerkrachten in the Flemish education system.

“Fertility and the family reunion, there will be something tussenzitten. But the most important aspect is that in the last few years, however, it is ignored, it is in the field of refugees. As of 2011, there are large numbers of people from the Middle East, East Africa and Afghanistan. binnengestroomd. But even within Europe, there is, in the past, muslims from the Balkans to the us. As a result, the islamleerkrachten today, with cultures from all corners of the world.”


“It would be absurd to deny that our society is more diverse. That is due to an increase in students of islam, it is a logical evolution,” says Lieve Van Daele, chairman, and Thomas, the umbrella organisation for the teachers of the Roman catholic church. “Well, in the catholic education of people from all cultures and religions. That is why it is very important that we get into all of the philosophical subjects in dialogue with each other.”

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