The complaints, all of which are in Germany on business or to achieve from the Home Office people are trying to sneak the radio hole radio hole. You can describe the topic, like a spectator from an international perspective. Who is in Poland on the motorway, it can stream smoothly and without fear of dead spots constantly Videos on your mobile phone and arrives afterwards also not in the debt tower.

we are not Talking about the Baltic countries or from Japan or from France. We don’t talk about it, why it works in Germany. In 2000, Finance Minister Hans Eichel conceded to the auction for UMTS licenses of EUR 50 billion. The consequences were predictable: The tenderers of the capital for the Development of networks was missing. The “success” was a Handicap, the consequences of which can experience all mobile phone users in Germany daily.

The thickness of the Board veneering

The pity with Peter Altmaier, the complains over the radio holes, is kept within limits, because the Federal government does not recognize, from the errors of learned. You can prevent themselves through the doctrine of “Black Zero” and the nonsensical demonization of debt. In times of negative interest rates on government bonds investment in infrastructure pay for themselves almost by itself. The International monetary Fund, the Finance and economy Ministers of the EU and also in some way advocate for more public investment in Germany. It’s the problems that fall to the managers on the feet is not. It is the thickness of the Board is an economic delusion that prevents you from acting appropriately.

It is therefore annoying, complaining about the extent of the non-functioning to collect and have for the Complaint, a consumer Advisor to the Board, which can be derived from the small print of contracts, the right of complaint prose. In Frank Plasbergs round, there is no lack of suffering, but of criticism of public financial policy.

The WDR-presenter Steffi Neu limited in the case of the traffic information on traffic jams six kilometers in length, sits on the drive from the lower Rhine to Cologne itself often enough in traffic jams. Why are you sitting alone in your car, is itself a mystery. Carpooling an Option would be communities. That’s the beauty of the net: As new forms of networks and cooperation are a wonderful way to plan and implement. In Plasbergs suit round people who try something and know how it could be an infrastructure-Bypass bypass were missing.
Digital entrepreneurs Frank Thelen, praises the Federal government that lowers at the auction for 5G licenses, the expectations of the output and thus the opportunities for increased investment. Because the data stream of super-fast networks is so high, will be needed in 5G is very much more transmission masts, and you must be connected with glass fiber. What it is possible to Travel from Autonomous, if the on-Board computer of the data stream, suspends, and other road users in danger?

consumer activist get Ehrig illustrated with a single number, the extent of the Malaise: Only 1.6 percent of mobile phone users of the contractually agreed performance. This is a case for a pattern for a declaratory judgment? In comparison to the lawsuit, the number of plaintiff against Volkswagen is justified due to compromised diesel engines is a no brainer.