fifty years Ago, the world was still in order. As the family sat together on the Holy night together. Mother was cooking and father told after five liquor from the war. In the upper layer, it could also be French Cognac. The children could not hear it. In addition, you had no idea, why in most stories, the Horror came. It had the fathers of speechless, not least because of the participation in a criminal war.

But Christmas, in 1968, a radical was just for the top layer event. The students had a revolt started, and at the time the study was still a privilege. It is the ticket to the so-called better society. The revolt was the Protest of the future leaders of the country. If it had been given to talk shows, the title of this programme would have been suitable: “Speechless, uncomprehending, and angry: How divided is Germany?”

the Latter belonged to the self-made German fate. The Christmas package to the other side belonged to the Ritual of many families. So fathers and mothers were speechless, the children sometimes become angry and both of the pages blankly for the Position of each other.

Yesterday Toblerone was due to a Marketing-Gags for the development of new export markets all the rage, but not because of the taste. In Frankfurt right made radical Statements of some police officials for attention. To Christmas 1968, and former Nazis in the West German police and justice is the rule rather than the exception. From the lack of a voice today can not be and speeches. Rather, the gesture of the outrage is the tone of the time. The advertising of the “Toblerone”, and now halal, will be interpreted as a softening of the Muslims. Five radical right-wing police officers to the hostility to Democracy of the Hessian police closed in. to speak

From the lack of understanding is absurd. It is exploited from all sides rather aware of by scandal-mongering. One should, therefore, consider the broadcast of yesterday evening as a time document. Frank Plasberg began with a typical meta-levels debate. It will not be discussed more substantive differences, but the function of the discourse. What percentage would be his guests in the males tone, so his question was. The television presenter Claus Strunz had nothing to reproach. He would have remained in his criticism of the refugee policy is always objective. He used the question to criticize the tone of the Left. The Dirk rossmann, owner of the drugstore chain.

Behnken, The Evangelical pastor Annette, known from radio and television, called for diversity and welcoming culture. The latter saw Antje Hermenau usual, critical. However, you can’t blame neither of the former top politician for the Green, even the commentator from the Saturday “word for Sunday” a male tone. The NDR Journalist Michel Abdollahi was alone critical with respect to its previous Comments.