Turmoil in the national sport – A League shows Trump the middle fingerin the USA, the unthinkable is happening: Ironically, the conservative Football League is on a collision course with President Donald Trump. Can that go well?David Wiederkehr0 comment only triple he ribbelte the Interview, he addressed Donald Trump directly to: Drew Brees, 41, Quarterback and Superstar of the New Orleans Saints.Patrick Smith ()

Shortly after 16 o’clock it was so far. And Drew Brees: final in the vise. Because shortly after 16 o’clock on this Friday afternoon sent US President Donald Trump a message via his Twitter Account, in which he spoke Drew Brees direct. Brees is a Football player for the New Orleans Saints and not any: He is the Quarterback, Superstar with a $ 25 million annual earnings, Superbowl-winner of 2010 – no one in the history of the National Football League has scored more Touchdowns as the 41-Year-old.

Oh And Drew Brees is white. And: more conservative disposition. He has, once again, proven when he mistook a few days ago in an Interview, the protests of black athletes against police violence, racism and oppression with a unpatriotic to Protest against the flag, the anthem and the military. “I will never agree with someone, does not respect the flag of the United States,” he told Yahoo. He followed the Narrative with the Trump of these protests is trying to discredit for years. The former San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick as the head of the movement, the President has dumped her once as a “son of a bitch”.

With this Interview, Superstar Drew Brees talks to the head and neck.Yahoo Finance / Tamedia

What bree said, staggered players and athletes across the country in an uproar. Self-team-mates at the Saints foamed with rage – and gave publicly air, one after the other. “Drew”, not wehklagte defender Malcolm Thomas in an Instagram entry with a trembling voice, “if you understand how insulting and insensitive your statement was, then you’re part of the problem.” In front of the stadium in New Orleans, hundreds of Fans gathered. “Fuck bree,” they said.

And the man, to whose honor they renamed the city once in “Drew Orleans,” was quickly uncomfortable in his skin. A first, half-hearted apologies, he had a second follow-up, on the same day, it was a Video, because “I want everyone to see in my eyes”. Therein, Brees said, have now finally understood what it is: “To social injustices. To Police Violence. To long-needed reforms. I’m sorry. I’m going to make it better in the future and be part of the solution.”

I’m a Fan of him. But he would not be allowed to take back his attitude to the honor of the flag.

US President Donald Trump

it was better, in his team-mates at least, but had no joy: Trump. And that’s why he wrote on Friday evening: “I’m a Fan of Drew Brees. But he would not be allowed to take back his original attitude to the honor of our beautiful flag. You must be honored.”

the mess was perfect for bree. Other prominent players in the NFL had positioned themselves there for a long time and the “Black Lives Matter”movement supported, with entries in the social media or at protest events. No longer the black Stars, but also white like Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers), or even Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), the Donald Trump is close.

It’s not about the flag. It never went to you. We do not need any longer as an excuse.

Drew Brees, the game makers of the New Orleans Saints

So also Brees had to decide: for Team and professional colleagues – or for Trump. And he chose the confrontation with the President, spoke to him with a Instagram Post directly: “Donald Trump, I realized that it’s not about the American flag. It never went to you. We do not need any longer as an excuse to get out of the problems of the black society to distract. Our Nation is at a critical point, and as White, we must now listen and learn and find solutions. The the Black can’t do it alone. It takes all of us.”

A prominent athlete, the Trump in this delicate situation, the forehead – it could be a decisive factor in the class struggle. And after the violent death of George Floyd by the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis, a Domino stone falls just after the next. After Kaepernick & co were, for years, been left alone, solid all the Teams based in the last few days with you. As the Green Bay Packers from the very rural (and white) Wisconsin, “Black Lives Matter”. Or the Denver Broncos, with More than 50 of their players took part on Saturday in a Demonstration.

And finally, the NFL itself fell. In a first Statement, the League showed itself, consisting of almost exclusively white and rich team owners, yet tame – after all, she had set in the past, and especially in dealing with Kaepernick, everything, Trump just don’t want to get to. Or the fan base of American Football is in conservative areas, especially popular. More than 80 percent of the Fans have white skin color.

Without black players there would be no NFL. We were wrong, as we listened to our players.

NFL chief Roger Goodell

However, after on Friday the Stars of many Teams the League had called in a joint Video for the Act, was NFL boss Roger Goodell in a video message remarkably clear. “Without black players there would be no NFL. We want to help the urgently needed change in this country to take.” And even if Goodell did not name the disgraced Kaepernick in particular, it was clear that he meant it when he said: “We were wrong, as we listened to our players.” (See Video below)

How many did Goodell or Brees or the owners of the various Teams allow your words to follow, it will show – and it is the now ever-growing part of the population measure, which is behind “Black Lives Matter”. The characters are at least on storm. The “Guardian” ruled from distant London: “The NFL did the unthinkable and Trump showed the middle finger.”

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