Bruges (brugge) –

in The wake of the Turkish Galatasaray supporters through the center of the city did not go unnoticed. The police are escorting the thousands of fans in the city Market. After they had left, while singing, but after only a couple of hundreds of meters, the atmosphere is tense.

a lot of men have realised you’re the fire and the firecrackers off. The street was a smoke-filled. The shoppers were loud explosions rocked. The police couldn’t do anything than turn a blind eye to.

Earlier in the day, the 22nd of Turkish fans have been arrested in the vicinity of the stadium. “They didn’t have a valid ticket and were in the possession of the pyrotechnic material and the carrying. So, they had a clear malicious intent and will be administratively held until after the race,” said the spokesman of the police of Bruges, Lien Depoorter. “We have to put additional control measures in order to prevent worse today.” According to the police, a total of 27 people were arrested.

But they were not the only ones with the fireworks in his pocket. As the procession towards the stadium, it was one of vuurstaaf after the other are put on. As a photographer it was a firecracker at his head and swung. It should be clear that it will be an exciting evening in front of the police department in the city of Bruges.

however, around the stadium, the nerves are taut. Photo: JVH