A café in Tübingen (Baden-Württemberg) is facing a problem: around 100 cups are stolen there every month – an enormous economic loss for the small business.

Many people love beautiful coffee cups. This is apparently the downfall of Café Südhang in Tübingen. Because many cups are stolen there – and this causes enormous financial damage.

They would be missing 100 coffee cups and thus 1000 euros every month, Südhang landlord Robin Hittinger told Bild. “This is dramatic for our small business.”

According to “SWR”, the café is also a roastery. Customers can take their drinks with them and go to the nearby church, for example. According to co-owner Martin Lai, they started counting the cups two years ago. He says of the monthly losses: “You could employ two mini-jobbers with that.” He also noticed that more cups are missing at the start of the semester than usual.

The cups from Café Südhang are special. Because they are “made just a few meters from the Ammerkeramik,” it says on Instagram. According to “Bild,” one piece costs private customers 35 euros.

The café also made the problem public on Instagram. Lai describes the situation in a cry for help. He writes: “One solution could be that in the future we no longer give out cups and plates for consumption outside the premises.” However, they hope “that our coffee can continue to be enjoyed in our ceramics around the Jakobikirche and the Krumme Brücke.” It goes on to say: “The economic damage is enormous.”

If you now have a guilty conscience, the café offers various options. For example, the stolen items can be placed in a black box in front of the shop.

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