After the Tsunami, on Saturday evening more than 400 people on the Indonesian Islands of Java and Sumatra have died, was once again a criticism of the early warning system for such monster waves, according to the German scientists in the disaster-prone Asian country had built up. But the fact is that this warning system is not designed for those under the sea landslides, one of which, in all likelihood, the recent Tsunami has been triggered. But even if it would have given to the volcano Anak Krakatau, a corresponding System that would be arrived at under optimum conditions, the warning just minutes before the Tsunami on the affected coast lines along the Sundastraße.

The scientists at the German research centre for Geosciences in Potsdam, Germany after the devastating, almost all the countries bordering the Indian ocean detected the Tsunami of 26. December 2004-developed warning system is designed for those tidal waves, triggered by major earthquake. The warning is based on measurements of 22 in Indonesia and Papua new Guinea established by Seismometers and geodetic GPS receivers. In contrast to the corresponding devices in mobile phones or in the navigation systems in cars, this GPS receiver movements of the earth’s surface of only a few centimeters. The measurement data of all these Sensors are transmitted in real time to the Indonesians-powered data centre in the capital, Jakarta. Is there found a severe earthquake, and show the GPS receiver corresponding shifts in the earth’s crust, can trigger a Tsunami warning. The data center receives, in addition, the measurements of water levels in about a dozen of Indonesian port cities, which are also included in the warnings.

to be able to ever before in this way, resulting in a high water wave alert, submarine Sensors is necessary. These sensitive devices measure fluctuations in the hydrostatic pressure on the bottom of the sea, from which the shaft can be height-calculate. The measurement data from these Sensors must be wired from the bottom to buoys on the sea surface and from there via satellite to the data center transfer. However, there is for the Sundastraße no such measuring system. After the recent Tsunami in Indonesia wool install but in the very next year, such a measurement network, said a spokesman for the Agency for Technological application to the British BBC. However, the experience with such a complex Measurement and data transmission system in Indonesia is not good. Because even in the German-funded Tsunami warning system pressure was originally planned to use knife on the bottom of the sea. It did not take long until the buoys had been stolen at the surface of the sea, or destroyed by vandals.