Indonesia has sent for the search for other Victims and Survivors of the tsunami, thousands of soldiers and police officers in the disaster-hit areas along the coasts of the Islands of Java and Sumatra. The confirmed number of dead rose till Monday to 281, such as the Indonesian disaster told protection. Spokesman Sutopo Nugroho expected that they will continue to increase. More than 1000 people were injured by the tidal waves in the Sundastraße well-known Strait between Java and Sumatra, and a further 57 were considered to be missing.

Also, Voluntary organisations such as the Red cross and Doctors without borders helped with the care of the people in the most affected provinces of Lampung in South Sumatra and Banten in West Java. The government in Jakarta has also provided seven excavators and other heavy equipment to accelerate the rescue and recovery work.

The Indonesian Agency for meteorology, climatology and Geophysics (BMKG) confirmed on Monday that an Eruption of the in the Sundastraße about 50 kilometers from the coast to the nearby Anak Krakatau volcano have triggered the Tsunami indirectly. Therefore, there was a chain reaction at the beginning of a volcanic vibration, the change being equivalent to an earthquake of a magnitude of 3.4. The authorities recorded vibration have led to a partial collapse of the crater, where masses of rock had slipped into the sea. This then triggered the Tsunami, said the Head of the Agency, Dwikorita Karnawati, in front of journalists.

The Eruption occurred, the Agency, on Saturday night at 21.03 PM local time (15.03 GMT on Saturday), and 24 minutes later, the Tsunami hit the country. The flood wave came without warning, and met on the holiday resorts, which are due to the proximity to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta is particularly popular with the Locals and just before the turn of the year were well attended. The early warning system have not seized, because it was only focused on earthquakes and not to underwater landslides or volcanic eruptions, wrote, civil protection spokesman Nugroho on Twitter. “Without the early warning system we have been able to discover no potential for a Tsunami.”

It had been a warning, but only prior to high tide and not in front of a Tsunami, said a spokeswoman for the International Federation of red cross and red Crescent societies (IFRC), the German press Agency. Then, 5,000 people had been brought in the province of Lampung on Sumatra in the higher altitude areas. She spoke of Tsunami waves with a height of 30 to 90 centimeters, which are increasingly hit by the high flood in the Wake of the full moon on the coasts. “That doesn’t sound like much (…) but we know that even the ankle high water can knock an adult”.


A local government representative told the TV station Metro TV, on the island of Sebesi, which is the volcano the next, had been the first wave of between two and three meters high. She was followed by another, about four feet high wave.

From the German Federal foreign office in Berlin said on Monday that, according to current knowledge, there is still no German citizens were among the Victims. A spokesman for the tourism group Tui said on Sunday that the company had in the Region at all no guests. The most important goal in Indonesia, the island of Bali is more in the West. Also of Alltours, it was stated that no guests in the Tsunami area were.