can be As beneficial, but a short winter break. As Julian Nagel man on the evening of the 23. December left the Podium of the Sinsheimer stadium, he seemed frustrated, annoyed, ready for a vacation. The succession of the sixth draw of its last eleven Games undefeated team in the battle for League points was struck to the head coach of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim recognizable on the mind. In this case, the 1:1 against 1. FSV Mainz 05 can be to a beautiful Mess for the kraichgau. But, as so often before bad luck and lack of Concentration at the completion of had prevented a full success. “We need to make it,” said the nail man before the first game of the season to the second round this Friday against FC Bayern München (20: 30 imF.A.Z.-The live Ticker for the Bundesliga, as well as in the ZDF and Eurosport), “that we shoot a little less against the posts and crossbar, and are more likely to score.”

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

Roland Zorn

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

If it were that simple, would not be Nagel’s team as in the previous year at the same time, in seventh place, but on a Champions League rank at the end of the last season, ended the Hoffenheim third. The four Aluminum goal against Mainz rounded the half – year balance sheet in the hope Heimer post and crossbar shots to thirteen. Thus, the hope Heimer to lead this special balance sheet, as well as the list of goals from deflected balls (ten). “The Momentum was not in the first half of the season really on our side. We have scary played many chances and still have a bit of work ahead of us regarding the efficiency of“ the nail man before the duel with the second-placed sober.

“this Friday, Bavaria is already a bit under pressure,” is its location sketch before the kick-off, “if you don’t win the game, it can be a message for the team, standing up to press on the accelerator. And if we win the first game of the season, we can bring one or the other in the League to Ponder.“ Nail man, for nearly three years, Coach of TSG 1899, has since won two Bundesliga home games against Bayern, 2:0, 1:0, and is aiming to now the “hat-Trick”. The danger is that his Team is the strongest in the League and one of the game solidifies the strongest, “fright, when the red Bus arrives”, they are not in the researchers attitude and bold strategy of the previous nail man. “We have a very positive record against Bayern,” said the nail man, “if you have already done more hurt, you know the works.”

The “hat Trick” on the anniversary of service

this time is likely to have the 31-year-old Upper Bavaria in Landsberg am Lech, a courageous match plan deal, based, as always, on the knowledge that his players are able to keep up with any opponent step. So it was already in the first leg, the hope Heimer also, therefore, 1:3 lost, because they met in their best Phase at 1:1 is a very contentious penalty decision after a theatrical case of Ribéry. The penalty was repeated because in the case of Lewandowski the execution of players from both Teams, as a rule, were contrary to the run in the penalty area, before the Pole hit in the second start-up to 2:1. After that, the Momentum was once again on the side of the North Baden.

this Time, but the coach believes that his players have processed the painful lessons from the first half of the season in a productive way. In the return series, the own goal target is to be increased, especially from the ranks of the midfielder, contributing only seven of a total of 32 hits. Nail man is a also calls for more consistency in the defensive work. “I want a tough man to cover in the own Box. The opponent no longer gets in the penalty area as much space as in the first half of the season.“ Requirements that must be met to qualify from the Champions League, a winless group, last departing hope Heimer once again for the most important club competition.

As nail man, as always, even the youngest football coach in the League could put the skeptics who see in him a “lame duck” on the way to the next employer, RB Leipzig, at it’s best. “A lot more Motivation than I’ve sprayed over the last three years here, you can, I believe, do not spray, otherwise it’s unhealthy,” he said in front of the rear round kick-off, “it is now for me, the perfect goodbye. I have a self-interest in ensuring that the positive image of me at the TSG remains the same.“ The most successful Trainer of the long-overgrown “village Association” celebrates how the affirmation of the unbroken deeds of thirst on Friday, a service anniversary: its centenary of service for the benefit of the TSG. Nail man looks, therefore, exceptionally even like to back instead of always forward and says: “at the age of 31 a hundred games in the Bundesliga – that’s not so bad. All for a club that is again twice is not so bad.“ Want to say: This innovative football coach is committed until the end of his days for the TSG so intense, as he would be after that for at least another 100 games a Heimer hope.