At the 6. March, Michael Cohen loses his freedom: this is the date that he needs to go to prison for three years. Judge William Pauly III, announced the verdict on Wednesday morning in New York. At sentencing, the Prosecutor’s office, representatives of the office of special investigator Robert Mueller and Cohen’s attorneys languages previously. Cohen himself said, he must confess to his “full responsibility.”

At the end of used to him not much, that he tried in the courtroom, as a kind of victim: it was his “misfortune”, of all things, to be trump’s lawyer, argued Cohen’s lawyers, according to CNN. Cohen himself said that he had acted in several of the actions, to confess, to which he pleaded guilty, on behalf of Donald Trump. He had escaped a “mental prison” and his greatest weakness was “blind loyalty” to Trump. The judge did not follow this characterization of the man who had once announced proudly that he’d Trump also shoot. Cohen had committed also the crimes that had nothing to do with Trump, but more to do with personal enrichment.

Cohen was known already in August, guilty. In his confession of his tax offences, as well as two violations of the laws on election campaign financing. The case concerned the payment of hush money to a porn actress Stormy Daniels and Ex-Playboy Model Karen McDougal, and the two have both had Sex with Donald Trump. In the past week, Cohen said that Trump had instructed the payments directly. He had always acted out of loyalty to Trump.

the majority of the penalty is based on tax offences

Cohen was recently admitted to the examination committees in the Congress lied to. Until June of 2016, he had negotiated with Russian partners over a possible “Trump Tower” in Moscow – this relationship with the Trump company, after Russia had played previously always down and the end of January 2016 dated. In his report, Cohen mentioned special investigator Mueller also that this had already spoken to 2015 with Trump about a possible Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was a Putin’s visit to New York in the fall of 2015. In a radio interview, Cohen had brought back to Meet with Trump in the game, but later always claimed it was a spontaneous idea. Now he admitted that this remark was a conversation with Trump.