Twenty days after the beginning of the financial blockade, in America, President Donald Trump, travelled on Thursday to the border, to Mexico, to advertise for the construction of a border wall. The residents of the city of McAllen in the South-West of the Federal state, which is dominated by Democrats, to reject the wall project by a majority. You benefit from the multiple economic linkages with the city of Reynosa on the other side of the Rio Grande – similar to the actual double cities, San Diego/Tijuana on the California and El Paso/Juarez on the West Texas border.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America, based in Washington.

F. A. Z.

The trip to McAllen came on a proposal by Bill Shine, the Director of communications in the White house. Trump rejected originally. The “New York Times” reported that the President had said on Tuesday before his address to the American people at a lunch with the TV presenters, the visit is not going to change in the negotiations with the Democrats “a damn thing”. Trump said on Thursday upset it was a background conversation.

Unhappy about the actions of the President

On Wednesday, Trump was together with Vice President Mike Pence came to the Capitol hill at a lunch with Republican congressional politicians. After the appointment, he said it was a very good conversation. The senators and deputies would support his course. To ask if it is not given to claims from within its own ranks to end the government shutdown and the negotiations with the Democrats over the funding of the wall project to continue, he said, there have been a few questions on the “strategy”. The Republicans are “totally United”.

in fact, several Republican Congress is open to show members that they are about the actions of the President unhappy. Before lunch, moderate Republicans wanted to ask the President to end the “Shutdown” of the government, including senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Susan Collins from Maine.