The American President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have visited on Christmas, surprising U.S. soldiers in Iraq. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders announced on Wednesday via Twitter. They landed on air base Al-Asad, as a correspondent for the AFP news Agency reported. There, the President met American soldiers and the leadership staff of the army. The President and the First Lady traveled to Iraq to visit the troops, to thank the soldiers for their service and to wish you a merry Christmas, wrote Sanders. You published a photo of Trump and his wife, together with the soldiers. For the President it is in his term of office, the first visit to combat troops abroad at all.

Trump defended during his visit, announced and internationally highly controversial withdrawal of all American soldiers out of Syria: “The United States can not continue to be the world’s policeman”, he said justifying the step, according to fellow journalists. “We don’t want to be out of countries, exploited the use of us and our incredible military, to protect themselves. You don’t have to pay for it!”, the President stressed. It is not fair if the United States alone carry this burden.

With a view to the numerous American military operations in the world, Trump said: “We are spread all over the world. We are in the countries from which the majority of people haven’t even heard of. Honestly, it’s ridiculous.”

In the past few months, the pressure on Trump was increased, troops in the combat zone to visit. For safety reasons, such Trips are announced, never before open to the public. Details about the exact time of his arrival and for the duration of his Visit were not immediately known.

trump’s visit comes at a time of the greatest turbulence in the American Ministry of defence. The Pentagon chief James Mattis announced a few days ago, his resignation due to fundamental content legends of disagreements with Trump. The President had announced previously, all US soldiers out of Syria to be deducted. He justified this step by saying that the terrorist organization IS completely defeated. The decision national made international for an Outcry. Experts believe that it IS not defeated, and a deduction for fatal.