America and China make a new start, to end their trade war. The two-day talks on Monday and Tuesday in Beijing for their first direct trade discussions, since the American President Donald Trump and China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping before the five weeks after the end of the summit of the major economies (G20) in Buenos Aires, a 90-day “truce” had been agreed.

The negotiator wanted to discuss “active and constructive” about the consensus of the President, informed the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing. The course of the talks is expected with voltage. The ongoing trade war between the two largest economies creates additional uncertainties in the financial markets on the economy in the United States, China and around the world.

in Davos

Trump tried to dampen Concerns that the stoppage of the American government. “The China talks are going very well,” said the President on Sunday to journalists in Washington. He referred to his latest telephone conversation with Xi Jinping. “I really believe that you want to make a Deal.” The special duties to be very painful for China. “Your economy is not doing well.” This will give you incentive to negotiate. In contrast, the us customs collect billions of dollars in duties on imports from China.

To the American Delegation, which is headed by U.S. Deputy trade representative Jeffrey Gerrish, representatives of the financial, trade, energy and agriculture Department and the White house. It was assumed that working groups will be negotiated. A breakthrough was not expected. The first formal talks are likely to pave the way for further negotiations. For this, China’s chief negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He could, and the trade representative from Washington,Robert Lightizer.

reported How the Hong Kong newspaper “South China Morning Post”, is Trump at the world economic forum from 22. to 25. January in the Swiss Davos “probably” with China’s Vice-President Wang Qishan. The close Confidant of China’s state and party chief is an experienced crisis Manager, economic expert and a political heavyweight in the Communist leadership of China.

China makes first concessions

The United Staaetenbeklagen especially lack of market access, forced technology transfer, and product piracy in China and had imposed so massive punitive tariffs, China had replied to the counter-measures. Your consensus on 1. December in the Argentine capital had agreed Trump and Xi Jinping first used for a castle of peace and more talks.