Trump Film ‘The Apprentice’ Sparks Controversy at Cannes, Still Searching for US Distributor

NEW YORK — Two weeks after premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, the film “The Apprentice” about Donald Trump in the 1980s is creating waves but is yet to secure a US distributor. Starring Sebastian Stan and directed by Ali Abbasi, the movie presents a scathing portrayal of the former President’s rise to power in New York real estate under the guidance of Roy Cohn.

The film has garnered international distribution but is facing challenges in finding a home in the US. Despite receiving positive reviews, negotiations are ongoing with major studios and streaming services. The Trump campaign has denounced the film as “pure fiction” and threatened legal action against the filmmakers.

One controversial scene in the movie depicts Trump raping his wife, Ivana Trump, which has stirred further debate. The filmmakers have faced pressure to edit the scene from billionaire Dan Snyder, an investor in the project. However, the team remains committed to their vision and message against rising fascism.

While “The Apprentice” may face obstacles in its release, it has the potential to be an awards contender for its performances and bold storytelling. The director, Ali Abbasi, remains open to discussing the film with Trump himself, offering a unique opportunity for dialogue.

As negotiations continue for a US distributor, the future of “The Apprentice” remains uncertain in the midst of political tensions and industry challenges. Stay tuned for updates on the film’s journey to the American audience.