In case of an accident on highway 67, the driver of a truck has been killed. The 48-year-old crashed his tractor-trailer on Thursday near the Large guard rail Gerau in the medium, the vehicle remained lying on the side, the police announced. Although witnesses archived immediately the emergency alarm was died, the man from Baden-Württemberg to the accident.

According to initial findings had been involved no other vehicle. How exactly it came to the time of the accident, still needed to be clarified.

at Least six motorists displayed

Because the Gaffer had filmed the scene of the accident, reported to officials, according to their own information display to at least six drivers.

First, the entire roadway of the A67 to the accident was in the direction of the North and the left lane in the direction of the South is locked. The tractor-trailer was loaded with gravel that had to be cleared from the roadway.