Roeselare –

A trouwstoet 25 vehicles zaternamiddag on the Road in Roeselare to other road users in danger, and several traffic offenses took place. The police had to intervene.

Saturday afternoon, at 14:50 hours, and the police force RIHO is informed that there will be on the Road in Roeselare is a trouwstoet of 25 vehicles had been produced. Some of the drivers committed more traffic offenses, police said, and took the other road users in danger. The participants of the group suggested to unsafe traffic behavior, and with the car on the road driving, and the road to drop off with the vehicle, drives on public roads, and so on.

The traffic event, and the interventiedienst by the police and brought to the trouwstoet to a halt, and subjected to an inspection. An uninsured vehicle was seized and a driver was driving with a driving ban and two driver’s licences immediately for 15 days, is repealed. It is a non-insured vehicle and drove around with a stolen license plate. The necessary reports will be prepared and submitted to the competent public prosecutor’s office for further action,” according to the police.