It is one of the most famous board games in the world. A board, general knowledge, trivial questions and colorful pie charts… That’s the secret to a successful game of Trivial Pursuit! But, who had this crazy idea, one day, to invent this family hobby?

Originally, it was in 1979 that the two Quebecers Chris Haney and Scott Abbott who had the idea of ​​creating this game called A few Acres of Traps. When it arrives in France, this fun quiz will be called Remue-méninges. Enough to get the gray cells of young and old all over the world thinking, which will take the definitive name of Trivial Pursuit.

Available in several age categories (children, adults) and themes (television, football, Walt Disney, decade, etc.), the principle of the game remains the same: be the first player to fill their pie chart with six colors different by answering the questions correctly. Each roll of the dice allows you to move on the game board as long as you give a correct answer.

In Trivial Pursuit, each color corresponds to a theme indicated and classified in 1,000 cards. Among the most popular categories in the game are geography (blue), entertainment (pink), history (yellow), art and literature (brown/purple), science and nature (green), then sports and leisure (orange). It’s up to you to be the smartest and most cultured to finish your whole camembert.

With family or friends, all opportunities are good to show the extent of your general knowledge. Think you’re as strong as a game show champion? Planet invites you to test your knowledge through ten questions inspired by the board game. Small exceptional variant: one question, three proposals, but only one correct answer. Up to you !