Public Health France sounded the alarm this Wednesday, December 21, 2022. What we feared a few weeks ago is becoming reality: the flu epidemic is in full swing, and is added to the 9th wave of Covid-19, as reported by our colleagues from Huffpost. Especially since the number of hospitalizations is also very high, and this across all age groups!

The French health authorities have gone so far as to qualify the current situation as “a very active epidemic”, insisting on the importance of collective mobilization against the spread of the various viruses that are rampant. In addition to the irreversible consequences that these diseases can have, particularly on fragile people, the seriousness of the epidemic also lies in the overload generated for public health establishments.

Bronchiolitis, third holder of the famous triple epidemic, is slightly wiser than a few weeks ago. The epidemic of this infectious respiratory disease that affects young children seems to have already passed its peak. Indeed, new contaminations are slowing down, which does not mean that the epidemic is already over. Nearly 2,000 young children were still hospitalized last week in mainland France.

Hospitals therefore remain completely overwhelmed, pediatric and generalist services included. Rémi Salomon, head of the nephrology-pediatrics department at the Necker hospital in Paris, confided in BFMTV on Wednesday, December 21: “Emergencies are saturated everywhere, it’s overflowing everywhere” he said.

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