Pierre Ny St-Amand, the driver of a Société de transport de Laval bus which crashed into a Laval daycare on February 8, 2023, was back before the Superior Court on Tuesday as part of the discussions surrounding preparation for his trial, which has been set for spring 2025.

Only the Crown prosecutor in the case, Me Karine Dalphond, was present in court, the accused, his lawyers and Judge Lyne Décarie being by videoconference.

Dressed in a red turtleneck, Pierre Ny St-Amand, who was at the Philippe-Pinel Institute where he has been detained since the tragic events, remained calm, listening attentively to the discussions, and only intervened once. only time, responding in the affirmative to Judge Décarie who asked him if he heard correctly at the opening of the session.

Above all, it was Pierre Ny St-Amand’s lawyer, Me Véronique Talbot, who addressed the court to share certain management elements and her intentions in relation to the testimony she wishes to have heard. A publication ban, however, prohibits going into the details of these discussions.

Pierre Ny St-Amand faces nine charges, including two of premeditated murder and others of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Two children aged five and four, whose identities cannot be revealed, lost their lives in this sad affair. Six other children were injured.

Five weeks have been scheduled for the trial of Pierre Ny St-Amand, which is scheduled to take place from April 7 to May 9, 2025.

He was summoned to stand trial on March 28 by Judge François Landry following his preliminary investigation.

The parties will return to court on July 30 to continue discussions surrounding the management of the trial.