holiday helps against Stress, which is well known. And Stress – of course – especially workers who work a lot on your boss angry and then also every day in a traffic jam. There are also others that have earned a break: stuffed animals. This opinion is at least Karsten Morschett, founded in Berlin with “Teddy Tour Berlin”, the first travel Agency for stressed-out stuffed animals and very successfully.

Anna Steiner

editor in the economy.

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“in the Meantime, hundreds of stuffed animals in Berlin have visited”, not reported Morschett blinking without eyes. The arrival of the stuffed animals on the post. Often the packs are lovingly designed, teddies, and bunnies, travel not only from the Rest of Germany, but from all over the world to Berlin. “The most travelled Teddy came from Tasmania,” says Morschett. Like all the other animals of the Tasman, was put of Teddy by Morschett and his business partner Thomas Vetsch in a Bicycle basket, and then criss-cross through Berlin. “You should finally see something and be aired also beautiful.”

the idea for The unusual travel Agency came Morschett, according to its own statement, as he was looking for a gift for a friend. He learned that this animal is a Cuddly and takes it regularly for shopping. Morschett kidnapped the bear, and photographed him at various landmarks in Berlin, and ended up with the photo album a huge success at the birthday party of a friend. That was the beginning.

Nile cruises on offer

The Agency’s “Teddy Tour Berlin” since 2005, i.e. significantly longer than Instagram or Facebook. However, digital platforms have added to the Trend to pet travel, there are now, for example, a provider of Nile cruises and hut for stuffed animals. On Instagram there is a rule the rights of a Community of travellers, cuddly animals Whose owners – in the rule, it is adults, not children – send them around the world and let you in front of the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, or on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York to photograph.