Taking out the trash may be a daily task, but that doesn’t make it any less tiring. If the effort provided seems minimal, this activity can nevertheless cause pain in the back. The explanation for this is simple. In general, many of us wait until the trash is completely filled before taking it out. However, a full bag is always more difficult to get out of the bin and you are sometimes forced to twist your back to be able to pull hard and manage to get your waste out.

Indeed, as Femme Actuelle explains, once filled to the brim, the bag sticks to the walls of the bin. Thus, the air contained at the bottom of the bin is trapped. This produces a suction effect which makes the bag very difficult to remove when you want to take out your waste. In addition to hurting your back, you also risk tearing the bag, which is far from the most pleasant experience.

Fortunately, there is a solution to evacuate the air trapped between the bag and the bottom of the bin, allowing you to take out your waste without any problems. To do this, you have to take a drill and make two small holes on each side at the bottom of the trash can.

This will allow the air to escape, and therefore avoid the suction effect that blocks the bag in the bin. Be careful, however, to drill well on the sides of the bottom and not too low to avoid any risk of leakage in the event of a glitch. With this trick, no more torn bags and back pain, taking out the trash will now be child’s play.