Transport: the end of the price jumps in point of view


    And he moved. The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV). Many years of driving have complained to guests about high ticket prices during the Crossing of city – or tariff limits. The customer felt it was unjust that they had to lie down, for example, for the four kilometers between Frankfurt-Oberrad and Offenbach 4.95 Euro.

    the reason for this, and many other the price jumps about on Frankfurt’s city border was the exchange in another tariff zone. Even if the passenger drove there only over a distance of one or two stations, he had to pay for both zones.

    Now, finally, the seemingly insurmountable hurdle is taken. The new neighborhood collective creates, for each of the visible inequities in the tariff structure and reduced the cost of many trips from Frankfurt in the neighboring municipalities and Vice-versa. If the System works and does not lead to a significant loss of Revenue, will introduce the RMV, it is also for other cities in the Rhine-Main area.

    Smartphone and digitization make it possible

    The neighborhood card more into account than the previous Tariff, the length of the path the client has travelled with the Bus or train. In this respect, it represents a move towards a tariff structure, in the first line after the number of kilometres travelled will be charged. Such a settlement mode, RMV CEO Knut Ringat is aiming for with the Smartphone, and the digitization of the paths open to it technically.

    The requirement that the price must vary according to the length of the route, can almost all agree on that, at least in principle. But if it is concrete, screaming, outraged many. Because it takes only the kilometres travelled, to scale, would have to increase the price of many journeys in especially large fare zone Frankfurt. Anyone who drives across Frankfurt from the East to the West, would have to pay in the case of a pure kilometre billing is significantly more than in the past.