Transport at your own cost – Free give: myths schlossdas “castle Myths” shall be replaced by a new building. A pity, a Zurich-based graphic designer, and has an idea.Simon Huwiler11 Kommentare11Lange is no longer the “myths castle”.Photo: Andreas Konrad

Some of the buildings have more than one life. The Villa Windegg at bellerivestrasse about. The first life she spent on the Bahnhofstrasse, until their owners were allegedly the Trams too loud. Stone for stone, it was canceled to begin in Seefeld their new, second life.

The magnitude of a building, maybe even three lives could have. Under the name of “the myths of the castle” is known, shapes it for almost 100 years, the city’s image. And maybe it is soon scattered over the city.

Demolished, rebuilt, demolished…

His first birth had ended the “Myths” in 1928. At the time it received the today-defining facade. Fifty years later, the former Swiss reinsurance was looking for a new office building, and found it at Mythenquai. Abrissbager took on the stately building, the old “myths castle” gave way to a new building. With the new tenants, also the spirit of the old building were moved: In the Form of the classical façade, which was reminiscent of the old building.

2020 roll again heavy machinery. Swiss reinsurance, meanwhile, in SwissRe re-christened, is looking for a new building. Once again, the “myths of the castle is to be transformed” for a new building.

the complaints are a failure, the construction appellate court certifies to the building “of modest architectural quality”. The magnificent castle interactive just old, but a reconstruction of the building.

the second life of The “myths castle” comes to an end, his third – creative – is. Obstetrician: The Zurich Andreas Konrad.

Everything is going to have to be it the pillars,…photo: Andreas Konrad… the facade…Andreas Konrad break points reveal that behind the old-looking facade is a concrete hidden.Andreas Konrad1 / 7Wer want, need a big car

He will regret the demolition, as quoted by the architecture newspaper on the mezzanine floor of the graphic designer. He wondered whether at least a part could be saved from it. After making inquiries at various Places, he finally landed at demolition companies. This gave the green light take what you want.

Konrad wants to, but he would like to convey to interested parties. Artificial stone pillars, with a balcony could shape soon a Zurich single-family house. Also of the magnificent, marble columns of the entrance area waiting for a new owner. Graphic designer Konrad also makes the same designs, like the look of could.

graphic designer Andreas Konrad is thinking about how parts of the “myths” castle of the existing building could add to it.Andreas Konrad Andreas Konrad1 / 4

the history of The “myths castle” could go on. Maybe in Oerlikon, Schwamendingen, or Winterthur. Maybe even in all places at the same time. Interested parties may contact Konrad. The parts of the old “myths castle” will be given free of charge. Removal and Transport of course, at their own expense.

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