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The Foundation Transforms Spain, chaired by the former minister of Defense Eduardo Serra , has created a platform, “The Table”, where it picks up a hundred ideas to boost the country’s recovery after the crisis of the coronavirus. An initiative that seeks to collect proposals concrete and immediately actionable to support, promote and strengthen the necessary unity of action and harmony to overcome the current situation and its continuity in the future.

The initiative counts with the participation of a hundred of executives of companies of all sectors and spheres of the economy of the country. Personalities such as the president of the Chamber of Commerce, José Luis Bonet , the chairman of Acciona, José Manuel Entrecanales , the president of the Círculo de Empresarios, John Zuluet to , the CEO of Meliá, Gabriel Escarrer and the president of Mutua Madrileña, is Ignacio Garralda , among others, have been proactive in helping Spain to recover from the economic crisis and health caused by the Covid-19. As well, many of them opt for the public-private collaboration, digitization, and enhance the industrial sector and the research to get out before the crisis.

For the president of the Foundation Transforms Spain “The Board proposes the involvement of politicians, officials, businesses, public and private workers, and civil society in general, together in the same direction to take Spain forward.” He adds that “it is necessary to provide a favorable context for that, particularly smes and self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and startups, as essential to the ecosystem in Spain: economic, job creators, and wealth that have been the most affected by this pandemic, to develop their creativity: conditions that tax, and labor and facilities for R+D+i, to maintain our competitiveness in the future.”

With this initiative, the Foundation Transforms Spain put at the disposal of the citizens a platform where they can express their agreement with the ideas above and formulate suggestions and proposals to promote the recovery and transformation of our country. In addition, it seeks to any character can join and expose their ideas to re-launch Spain.

One of the purposes of the organization, in the immediate future, develop a formal document that collects ideas and ” invite politicians to sit at this table “, they argue.

The initiative aims to build a pathway of collaboration between civil society and the Administration through this meeting point. In addition, it is expected that it will serve to put in common ideas defined, that support immediate application, but that involve a strategic vision that also raises an interesting journey in the long term to help business and the business in the resumption of their activity as soon as circumstances permit.

in this regard, Serra commented that “in this task we must engage everyone, each in the measure of their forces. It is the hour of civil society. I was never so necessary to the effort and contribution of all. We want to put the more and better ideas possible on a table in which we all must sit down and work through this transcendental goal.”