high-Ranking representatives of the American Democrats want to take after the Takeover of the majority in the house of representatives finally, the business relationship between Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank under the magnifying glass. The Chairman of the Finance Committee and the intelligence Committee, Maxine Waters, and Adam Schiff, want to join forces. “We will work together,” Schiff said of the policy sheet “Politico” on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for Deutsche Bank told to demand that the institution take its legal obligations seriously and be more committed to see to cooperate with legitimate investigations. So far, Deutsche Bank’s insight denied in their business relations to Trump with reference to the banking secrecy. American laws forbid it, Details to be disclosed.

the Deutsche Bank granted Trump high credits

the Deputy of the Democrats to penetrate a long time on a investigation, the business transactions between Deutsche Bank and President of the Trump as well as possible Connections to Russia. So far, they were rebuffed, however, always, since trump is the Republican controlled Senate and house of representatives. The latter has changed with the mid-term elections. Now, the opposition politicians, who want to check Trumps “money trail” on dubious Connections can initiate a self-study.

The Deutsche Bank is in focus as it was at times as Trumps house Bank, and to him prior to his presidency, high level of loans granted. This should be done also in a time in which many of the other houses wanted to do with the multiple bankruptcies preloaded real-estate Mogul. For added suspicion to the Democrats, a Russian black-and-money scandal, in which Deutsche Bank was involved with provides because of the suspicion of collusion between the Trump campaign, and Russia.