sets The craft to counter the shortage of skilled workers to well-educated refugees. “There are a lot of tolerated asylum seekers who are already in Germany and here for work or training,” said crafts President Hans Peter Woll zeal of the German press Agency in Berlin. “This is exactly the skilled workers we need, are well integrated and speak German. And why should we send them back? The are the Wrong that we deport. The one that we need, we should keep here as well. Anything else would be really insane.“

The craft train this year, around 16,000 refugees from the eight most common countries of Asylum, in the past year, there have been around 11,000 refugees in a training. “From my own experience and from what I hear, I know that you are in the craft are often very popular and enormously engaging. The are aware that this is a unique Chance that must take,“ said the President of the Central Association of German crafts.

The Federal Cabinet had decided on new rules in order to attract more skilled workers to Germany. At the same time, new perspectives for well-integrated rejected asylum seekers are to be created– so rejected asylum-seekers who have only a tolerance of decision should be able to get a more secure residence titles. The Union group, but had registered a need for improvement.