The German Association of cities warned of a traffic gridlock. “2019 must be turning a year of Transport, the transport policy is much more future-oriented and sustainable mobility oriented,” says the managing Director of the cities day, Helmut Dedy. “Our transport policy is no more time. There must be, above all, more attractive offers from the car to the track, on public TRANSPORT and Bicycle. Without traffic, we will experience a turnaround soon in Parts of our country in a gridlock.“

the Federal government and the countries would have to submit in the new year, an overall concept for sustainable mobility. “We are already running the shift in Traffic in the cities and want to bring our expertise into the overall concept,” says Dedy. “However, we also expect that the Federal government and the States over previous programs, in addition to funds in the billions, for example, for investment in public TRANSPORT and transport infrastructure as a whole.”

in addition, would have to be continued the efforts for clean air in the cities. “It must be possible to protect the health of the people and to keep the cities of mobile.” Driving bans are also expected to remain in 2019 to only the last resort, if not in other ways, the limits in the cities could be observed.