Trade dispute: Trump makes agreement with China in view


    The American President Donald Trump has made a possible agreement in the trade dispute between the United States and China in view. He had led a long and good telephone conversation with China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping, wrote Trump on Saturday on Twitter. “The Deal is progressing very well,” wrote Trump. When he is come, he will be very comprehensive, all topics and all areas and sticking points to treat, stressed the President. “Great progress!”, Trump wrote.

    China and America, been stalling for months with the mutual and special duties on a whole range of products. Trump had triggered the dispute, because he wants to reduce the large trade deficit with China. Meanwhile, the United States impose special tariffs to the value of $ 250 million on imports of goods from China. Beijing retaliated in turn with a retaliation, though not in the same value. The trade dispute pushes in the opinion of independent experts on the global economy.