After weeks of stripping the leaves with clues accompanied by not very revealing photos, Toyota has finally deigned to announce the unveiling date of the new generation of its Tacoma midsize pickup truck. The manufacturer will unveil this important model on May 19.

This is a rare occurrence considering that the current generation has been around for almost eight years without major updates. At the moment, we obviously know very little about the final product, except that a hybrid version is planned, as is a Trailhunter livery designed for rough roads. Photos published by the brand also suggest the proposal of two types of cabins, as well as two body lengths.

Interestingly, Toyota has revealed that the manual transmission will still be on the menu, which will please the purists of the genre. It will also be very interesting to see what mechanics it will be coupled with.

Toyota’s new CEO Koji Sato said he will take up the torch from his predecessor Akio Toyoda in developing the high-performance Gazoo Racing division.

In an interview with Autocar, Sato specifies that the division has a secure future and could even accelerate the pace of model development. He even suggests that Toyoda could continue to participate in the development of these models.

Certainly, this GR subsidiary has succeeded in completely overhauling the “boring” image of the brand with the convincing GR 86, GR Corolla and GR Supra currently available in our market.