Third public holiday of this month, Thursday May 18 will be Ascension Day. Some took their days off early so they could enjoy another long weekend. While you may opt for rest days at home, others will take full advantage of those few days away from their routine.

Despite your desire to leave, pay attention to the many disruptions planned on all transport routes, including gas stations. Conversely, many shops will be exceptionally open, despite this Ascension holiday.

To carry out this study, the site’s teams first identified the 85 most popular tourist destinations in the world, based on data from Euromonitor and Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index.

Then, they analyzed the ratings and reviews submitted by travelers about the 20 attractions with the most reviews in these cities. The probability that the overall experience will prove to be disappointing, among these more than 1,700 attractions in total, was then established, by calculating the ratio between the ratings of 1 to 3 and 4 to 5, as mentioned by the magazine Femina.

Finally, the King Casino Bonus site has identified the presence of expressions related to disillusionment in the comments, such as “not worth it”, “very disappointing” or “not as good as expected”.

As expected, discover in our slideshow the ranking of the 10 most disappointing destinations, according to the study carried out by the various organizations mentioned above.