Beringen –

to create A Kosovo couple of Beringen is that, since 1999, in Belgium, staying in is the risk of 4 months in prison and a fine of 400 euros, as they are in their teen-age daughter with the flat of your hand, and a belt had slain.

The girl, now 17-years-old, had been in a relationship with a Moroccan boy, but this upsets the parents. She had an arranged marriage planned out for her.

On the 21st of april 2018 and was the daughter of the crying out of the window of her home, and she cried out for help. The police dismissed her. In the presence of the policemen beat the mother and her daughter with the flat of your hand. Also, they took a threatening posture against the agents.

in the Meantime, stay with the girl for 1.5 years in a youth institution, where, according to the public prosecutor’s office as a model for others. Also, at the school and excels in it. She is now going to be in for the weekend to go home.

The parents claimed on Tuesday that they are willing to have the relationship of their daughter with a Moroccan boy who has to accept her friend to be able to see and talk to. The public prosecutor’s office looked at the parents, but with no schuldinzicht. “In Belgium, there is a uithuwelijken is also a criminal offence. Here, you can get married to whoever you want. And the kids beat it with a belt or a flat of your hand, is not at all welcome,” said the prosecutor.

“It was a one-time thing. I was afraid that they, with him, had been sleeping. She couldn’t be with someone else, getting married, being with him had been sleeping,” explained the father. The couple had no counsel and had the assistance of an interpreter.

“There is a difference between having an educational touch, and the use of a belt”, use replication in the criminal courts. “The belt should be to keep your pants up.” The father is said to agree with, to a wider audience. The woman had to say that, medical problems. The court’s 26 november ruling.

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